The Dependency Clause

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

My body, my choice?

One side likes to assert that governments should not be in control of decisions about our bodies. The other side insists that the lives of others are endangered by the individual’s choice.

Are we speaking about abortion or vaccines?

The major expansion of centralized government control over your body is going to burn back big-time on the political left when the opposing tribes retake control. A political winter is coming and your opponents will remember.

The fights to expand government and big tech intrusion into every detail of how you choose to live and manage your life — on issues such as food, health, medicine, energy, expression of thoughts, jobs, voting, education, business, travel, money, communication, and association —comprise an endless list of emerging struggles to limit individual freedom.

Autocrats on both sides of the ruthless political divide are winning. They win when our dependencies on government and technology expand. Unrestrained government and corporate ambitions are fueled by our dependencies, and their controls grow exponentially.

Have we unwittingly written a dependency clause on government and technology into our way of life? Be very careful what you wish for. A sharp knife cuts both ways. You may soon be the victims of your own revolution.

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