America’s Best and Brightest in Action

Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

America’s Best & Brightest are Awoke, full of starch, and up to bat—can you tell?
Look what’s happened in only 286 days since 2020 elections.
448 more days of this joy until midterms.
1,176 more days like this until re-election.
Who knows, if things fall into place, President Kamala could accomplish more of what she’s done at the border, only everywhere!
More cash and Trillions in surprises to come!
Good luck, America!
From a distance, it looks like you just might need it.😎

2 Thoughts

  1. Very sad state of affairs… good thing the King is on His throne. Even if He has given us over as a nation, He remains the Good Shepherd for esch believer,and continues to gather His children in.




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