Winter is Coming

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

It takes a lifetime to learn that some of the most tragic things in life come when a person or people get what they’ve asked for by their choices in so many ways.

True enough—America dug a deep hole for itself in many ways in Afghanistan when its “nation-building” only succeeded in costing trillions and failed as it has before.

Yet, if America’s leaders believe the horrors and injustices it has now created suddenly for most of 37 million people is the right and true path, brace yourself.

Recklessly abandoning the innocent does not safeguard the homeland—only geniune righteousness strengthens any nation. We’ve only set the measures of justice and mercy for our own troubles by our very deliberate actions toward others.
America is deeply fractured and dangerously weakened now. Act mercifully and pray for mercy. Winter is coming quickly.

3 Thoughts

  1. Praying for changed hearts & mercy. This is unbelievable. Jim went to Afghanistan to visit missionary friends who were building schools several years ago. They are in one of the other Stan’s but Jim communicated with them & they said their Christian friends in country are in hiding in their homes & afraid.🥺

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  2. Tragic that we’ve already seen the repression, oppression, and death of Americans during the past 7 1/2 months. Now the very lives of the vulnerable worldwide are at stake. Christians must think like soldiers: Stand in faith, Pray without ceasing, and Fight with our spiritual warfare. God help us!


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