Mass Brainwashing

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

America’s enemies don’t need to worry anymore. We are devouring our own.

Our culture and our society have broken down rapidly to display the most vicious qualities of human nature along tribal lines. Segregation, multi-color racism, discrimination, dehumanization, and aggressions of every sort, with no room left for any dialogue. Raw autocratic behaviour toward “out” groups and random violence with any purpose now represent just another day in the city.

An unintended consequence of our extreme Covid fears enflame the situation because it mirrors the exact process of mass brain-washing techniques, which millions of people suffered in the middle of the last century.

Consider the parallels as history repeats itself.

My appreciation to a bright friend on LinkedIn, Thorsteinn Siglogsson, author of “From Symptoms to Causes” who is a consultant and trainer in Iceland. He surfaced the link found below. The article by Robert E. Wright on mass psychology identifies 11 pillars of mass brain-washing.

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