The “Car Keys” Talk

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

ABC News tried editing an on-camera interview with President Joe Biden this past week, clearly to help him appear more lucid, but their PR effort only ended up drawing more attention.
Joe is really showing his age, an experience we all will face one day, knowingly or unknowingly. Evidently, the WH is letting him unravel on his own because they can’t hide it anymore.
I’ve said he’d be lucky to make it to the midterm elections before Kamala steps in.
How many more embarrassing crises can America afford? In Afghanistan, the Chinese have eaten America’s lunch, US credibility in NATO has suffered, the surprising factual misstatements, and many Americans are appalled by his overall handling of things.
The next crisis could be worse.
Grace mixed with Truth, folks. Time to have the “car keys” talk before more people get hurt.

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