By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

Why did the U.S. government strand 10-15,000 Americans?
Why the immediate rush and chaos?
Who has relied on “plausible deniability”?
Who really WINS and who really LOSES ?
How was a 7th Century army able to suddenly roll in and take over so swiftly and easily?
How does Alternative Energy development in the America and globally play a major part in these Afghanistan events?
Can American allies ever really trust the U.S. again?
What’s the big picture for China, the U.S., and American politics?
One word for now: Misdirection. What the eye sees and the ear hears, the mind believes.

I listened and spoke with countless Beijing viewers this morning about these and other questions involving the horrific upheaval in Afghanistan. The hearts of many Chinese go out to the Afghan people today.

#afghanistan #China #alternativeenergy #xijinping #biden

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