St. Jude Points

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

Expats carry reputations, good and bad, as adventurous souls. Truthfully, we get by in tough situations by God’s graces and with a little help from our friends in the field.
Today, a fellow expat Julia Reimer, took time to retrieve my apartment keys at a local hospital, where I’ve taken up temporary residency this week— a one-man show this week only.
She went to my place, that’s tossed like an ugly salad, and rummaged together some basic essentials for me, since I left the house without a “go bag” foolish lad that I am, and she brought them to me.
She earned double her St. Jude points (patron saint of expats and lost causes) today because I no sooner started sifting through my gear when an elegant Lithuanian patient knocked. She asked if either me or my roommate could help recharge her phone. Having just gotten my multi-station recharger via Julia, we could. The blessing spead.
So if you’re an expat, I know you have stories of help in times of trouble, and some of us carry souvenier reminders from travels. Keep the love alive and pass it on. By the way, Julie’s my boss. 🤣 Thanks, Julie.

One thought

  1. Hi Mike, Glad to hear you have your recharger,and , as usual, helped someone else. How is the pain you mentioned? From your foot, chest, or both? ❤️




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