Help Us, Obewan 😎

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

Watching the morning news, I feel like I’ve fallen into a dangerously surreal Star Wars movie. Not only in the prescribed unraveling of America, but across the planet, people are getting increasingly isolated, co-opted, herded, bullied, checked, fired, arrested, segregated, denied equal treatment, and banned as they are stripped of basic human liberties that once did not belong to politicians or governments.
Social media platforms readily lend their reinforcements by silencing and censoring to align with government edicts.
In countless places, “Show me your papers” has already become the first words slogan out of a shop-keepers mouth before a fellow can buy a beer in a pub—coerced into doing the governments bidding—the signs through history of autocratic rule.
“It keeps us safe,” people say in defending the shakedowns.
Check human history, pal. Giving up your basic liberties will never, never, never, never keep you safe. Once you give up such God-given rights, the next wave of autocrats will not give them back willingly.
But someone must relive history. It might as well be this clueless generation.

“Help us, Obewan, you’re our only hope.”😎

4 Thoughts

  1. Well stated and sadly true but I think Obi-Wan would even admit to needing a greater power in this dark hour. I’m looking up! 🙏


  2. Trouble a stirrin, rebellion awaits – anger & fear & dark hellish breathed hate – division, corruption by those that hold power – Lord give us wisdom in this evil hour.

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