Segregated and Sanctioned

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

Headline: Alabama Doctor Refuses to Treat Unvaccinated COVID Patients-Newsweek

Brilliant and insightful remarks below by
The bloodiest trick of history is that subjugation and genocides are closer to the human heart than we ever dare to imagine. In the aftermath of Rwanda or the slaughter of native Americans or China’s terrible abuse of Uighurs, we judge perpetrators as somehow the oddest of creatures, wholly unlike us. That is because we refuse to see the fear and hatreds that lurk inside us, looking for ways to claw out.
Such hatred have found us again in America. Listen to the tones in the reasoned voices of elites as they speak about others who see life in different terms. We are well past political differences on how to build roads or improve education. As a nation, we justify our actions as we sharpen our intellectual machetes in the news. We are horrified by the Taliban’s clear barbarities, yet we overlook and remain blind to what blood resentments we harbor at home.
Evil always plays both sides, its goal simply to keep the herds moving in the right direction. Across the globe, it is suceeding once again.
Can we pull back? That’s what Constitutional rights were meant to do in restraining us. In the rage of self-protection, it isn’t working.

The remarks that follow are by Thorsteinn Siglaugsson, who posted a brilliant and succinct analysis on these developments. He is the author if, “From Symptoms to Causes” and works as a consultant, corporate trainer, and “logical thinking process” expert in Iceland.

I just had a look at some discussions on limiting the access of unvaccinated people to healthcare. There is a lot of discussion about this and it seems that many people agree those who have not been vaccinated against covid should be excluded from healthcare services. This causes no outrage. A year ago it would have.”
“A year ago, anyone speculating about this would have been called a conspiracy theorist. But now nothing seems to prevent doctors from simply excluding unvaccinated people. Even on the grounds that it is uncomfortable for them to watch people suffer, like the good doctor quoted in this article! Therefore, instead of treating the patient, they can just shove them out the door, even if it means certain death.”
“Can we find a clearer indication of what happens when society has been divided into the “clean” and the “unclean”? The unclean, the excluded ones, the „homines sacri“, are subject to the law, but not protected by it, as Agamben describes their status in Homo Sacer. To kill an excluded one, you don’t have to first sentence him to death. His death is not a sacrifice of human life, for the excluded one is alredy stripped of the right to life. The one who kills him is just carrying out a sentence already passed. He is just an executioner, and the executioner is not a murderer, he is never morally responsible for the execution.”

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