Dr. Strangelove

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

America’s enemies see what’s happening; they don’t need a wild general secretly blurting his fears behind the president’s back to America’s adversaries like in some Dr. Strangelove sequel.
Two presidencies in crisis and allies left reeling. Power schemes, corruption, blood hatreds, and chaos reign while the treasury gets looted. Terrorists celebrate as Americans are killed and abandoned. Crime ravages unchecked and a border collapses. A house of race cards. Autocratic elites dictate, to hell with the old Constitution. Natural disasters play like movies of the week.

Gentler people pray for redemption, but the place simply can’t take much more. Adversaries stand amazed as the old superpower gasps and heaves, awaiting its final failing. No need to fire a single shot.

Take a deep breath, America, and let it out slowly. Don’t believe everything you read or hear. Your true Joy draws near today. 😎

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