Governing Germany, Ruling America

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

America’s two-party system remains deeply divided, culturally and politically. The lack of a base of commonly shared values has led us inexorably to a stalemate.
Team Biden has fought its way into quite a pickle. They are stalled at an intersection of harsh realities, such as the Afghan debacle, where hundreds of Americans and allies are left behind as collateral damage. Viral-plagued immigrants, drug cartels, and child traffickers flood across the border, while Dems still pin their hopes on a surge of new voters. States are duking it out with their own citizens in a tangle of Covid rules now entrapping employment.
In today’s headlines, Dems are banking on funding their multi-trillion dollar revolution to raising the national debt ceiling sufficient to foot the bill. In a word: Unlikely.
Truth be told, America has grown practically ungovernable. The Declaration of Independence states that unalienable rights depend on governments who derive their “just powers from the consent of the governed.” There isn’t any national consensus left and current leaders are unable or unwilling to genuinely forge one.
By contrast, watch carefully the dramatic difference as Germany sorts out its election this week. Neither of the two top candidates in their election could govern independently without forming genuine working coalitions with at least two of the smaller parties.
Despite differences in forms of government, the principle of “consent of the governed” still applies. For now, the slugfest in DC drags on, doing incalcuable damage.
The frightening outcomes on several fronts only invites America’s enemies to make their bold moves while Biden wanders in his deep fog.
We are a long way from the forms of German and American governments witnessed in World War II. We have both changed in extraordinary ways as a nation states. The U.S. is not so far from World War III with our current adversaries. Pray that “the consent of the governed” will lead to American coalitions sufficiently endowed in leadership to preserve a much different and peaceful future.

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