Throwing Stones.

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

Having been banned from Facebook, I’m no fan of how they run their corner of the public square.
That said, I was alert Facebook’s Congressional critics this week labeling the core of their problem as spreading “misinformation”.
One person’s central message is almost universally someone else’s misinformation, especially in politics, because no one in that city tells the whole truth and nothing but the truth—the rarest of practices.
The First Amendment enshrines free speech, even the kind you might like to label “misinformation” today. It would be foolish to see this flash of bipartisanship as anything other than a desire to keep Facebook in line with the political elites.
As to children, too many are already raised by wolves in government-run schools. Our toxic cultures run rampant and Facebook is hardly an exception.Try raising them yourselves, instead of expecting Facebook to do it for you.
Keeping the platforms free of scams, harmful imagery, and illegal activities is something American culture has failed miserably to do, especially in entertainment. In Washington, DC, deliberate lying to the public is a daily art form.
A lot of people are casting stones at Facebook this week. I support making Facebook liable for whatever gets published under the First Amendment, like the rest of the press peddling their distorted messages. Meanwhile, DC, don’t expect us to buy your sanctimonious hustle for control and power of so-called “misinformation”.

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  1. Yes – time for people to get together & educate their children themselves. Community. G

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