Facebook and Autocracy

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

Yesterday, I challenged the widely-touted Congressional view that “misinformation” is the chief threat posed by the social media monster, Facebook.

“Misinformation” is a blatant label for silencing the opposition. So-called misinformation is not the real threat to a free and open society —not by a long shot.

Killing off the remnants of old-fashioned free speech under the guise of ending “misinformation” is a reckless political move and an unhealthy one. Making Facebook legally liable and accountable to citizens it now manipulates is at the heart of the challenge. America must stop giving them their monopolistic “free pass” to act without any liabilities to citizens for what they say and do.

Meanwhile, American liberals are engaged in a love affair with autocracy, believing it will lead to their grand “global reset” to replace American democracy with a more humane world order. They will be rudely awakened from their Woke fantasy by having fueled 21st century fascism.

The political left are now hoping to force Mark Zuckerberg’s cooperation to ride in on a global wave of social media that they can control.

Don’t bank on it. Behemoths such as Big Pharma and Big Internet have global hustles of their own now , and last century’s quaint American liberties won’t stand in their way.

Zuckerberg has his own ideas and, left alone, you might not like all the little enslavements coming with a simple click of the finger.


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