Strengthen the things that remain.

Life feels oddly Cold War these days. Strangers stop you, squint suspiciously, and demand to see your papers. Except where people know me, I’m growing reluctant to shop these days. I’ve got a U. S. vax that I call “Coke,” the other EU vax that I dubbed “Pepsi”. I ask my Inquisitors, “Do you want the Coke arm or the Pepsi arm?”— to chill out or confuse them before I flash my “Get out of jail free” cards. Yes, I’m double vaxed.
Today, I dashed into a store, took a quick photo for a friend, then jetted away before “they” could catch me. I’ve had years of such rehearsals in the belief that it’s often better to ask forgiveness than ask permission. Some poor souls here only shop the street vendors now where no sneers or questions get asked. Food is growing scarce as deliveries slow. Americans will face the “show me your papers” grill soon enough. They seem to catch on slowly that this isn’t a drill where the “know better than you” crowd gives a rat’s patoot about you.
To end on an upbeat note, I’m starting to let go. When the trees shake hard enough, stuff falls out of your life that you probably didn’t need. Don’t argue with the fearful. Just release them. Strengthen the things that remain.

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