Can You Really Afford Days Off Work?

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

My brother gigged me laughingly about living large with my week off in Budapest. How can I possibly afford it on my meager earnings as a missionary teacher?

I certainly couldn’t afford a fun week off now back home in America.

For instance, my visit to the famous Gellért Thermal Baths? The equivalent of $15 all day entrance, less than $1. for a bottle of water, and $10 for transportation costs both ways.

I explained that fellow Americans are the ones getting soaked by choices to spike the cost of living. Aren’t you fellows feeling it yet?

Wait until the costs of trillions more in new spending, increasing energy dependence, and so many other unearned extravagances kick in. Government schemes and dreams mean someone has to get up, go to work in the morning, and actually produce something. And believe it or not, firing nurses and essential workers on a politician’s whim is not helping. You can’t any longer afford financially to fear and fight among yourselves, and keep people at home on the dole, no matter how these characters spin and gin up the numbers.

I realize financial comparisons vary and I live in Lithuania, but consider a moment:

Consumer Prices in Hungary are 41.99% lower than in U.S. (without rent).

I now pay $400 rent, including utilities. No way to do that stateside. Rent prices in Hungary are 71.32% lower than in the U.S..

My typical meal out costs me about five dollars. Restaurant prices in Hungary are 53.14% lower than in United States. And when I cook? Grocery prices in Hungary are 49.94% lower than in America.

I won’t even start on comparing health and medical costs. A recent hospital stay would have robbed all my savings if I had been at home in America.

You absolutely deserve a few days off. You’ve earned it. And not incidentally, God promises to order our steps if we let him, doesn’t He?

Just make sure you take a closer look at who you’ve put in charge of your citizen pocketbook —what they do, not what they say—-so you can afford to take a break once in awhile. Unemployment doesn’t count.

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