Just Saying

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

I admit that I am often a social danger to myself and others before I’ve finished my morning coffee.

The hotel is playing that soft, syrupy street music in the background while I’m slowly getting through my first jolt, along with a plateful of their breakfast buffet.

Then it happens.

The singer mews “I jes wanna…”

Evidently, it’s a “smooth” way of saying, “I just want to…”

We already know “what he wants to” but he proceeds to tell us repeatedly several times, ad nauseam.

My issue:

Why do so many of us use the word “just” as a weasel word, as if it makes the user sound authentic? It is an honorable word on its own, and it should not be used as a device for fake sincerity.

Okay, maybe I’m “just” sounding a bit Walter White (Breaking Bad) because it’s too early in the morning to argue idioms, but what’s your thought?

1. The use of “Just” in this manner is jes fine. Deal with it. Have another coffee and move on.

2. I agree. It’s a terrible use of the word “just”.

3. Complaining about song lyrics at dawn? What’s wrong with you?

4. You may imagine that you’re the Walter White of proper English usage, but Jesse says you’re no Heisenberg. Jes sayin.

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