Babette’s Feast

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

One of my all-time favorite films is the Oscar-winning foreign film, Babette’s Feast. The 1987 film is set in a small village on Denmark’s chilly Jutland peninsula in the 1800s. The film displays, in sacrificial and tender ways, the path of extraordinary grace and reconciliation in the midst of harsh revolutionary days.
It’s the salve and remedy America’s ruthless and divided hearts aren’t yet prepared to hear, yet its message is timely.
The Naro, a Norfolk, Virginia art-house theater, ran it for years near Thanksgiving. I will watch it again at home this year.
If you ever determine to see it, be prepared for a non-American film with English subtitles. You must slow down and expect to eat afterwards. It is the Grand Lady of all foodie films, and it will leave you hungry. LCC International University’s Communication and English depts are doing a staged reading of the play version on Friday, Nov. 19 @ 6 pm in Kaminskiene Hall. I’m excited that they’ve selected such a classic gem.

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