Covid Roulette

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D.

I’m only about 100 senior citizens away from my next Lithuanian lockdown. The plutocrats guess how many hospital beds they can afford to load with people who are sick and also fail a Covid test. The odds are they are older and have “co-morbidity” issues due to age. Until that glorious day, they are choosing these cheesy “medical” masks as the new requirement—no more plastic shields, bandanas, or pirate 🏴‍☠️ masks for me. I gotta catch my bout of Covid without any fashion sense.😵‍💫
Nobody really knows yet how to live with this stuff. The latest govt bulletin here is that we are required to play “covid roulette” and pull the Vax trigger once every four months. Yippee. I’ve been completely vaccinated and certified twice, US and EU. Third times charm, they say. Maybe I can be the lucky lad who trips the wire and sends everyone careening back into drugs, alcohol, violence, abuse, suicide, bankruptcy, hunger, divorce, and other unrestrained social damages that result during lockdowns. Time for another selfie in my newest butt-ugly mask!

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