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Pardon me if I’m done buying tickets to the circus. It has become no country for old men.

Civil Liberties: Surprised by the Tide.

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D. Warning: Michael Patrick did not vote for Donald Trump, but the lad is increasingly concerned by events and the excuses they offer to peel back civil liberties, regardless of the “rightness” or political persuasions, at home or abroad. If you’ve lived by an ocean for long, then you may have gotten…

These Disunited States: A Long Way to Go and a Short Time to Get There

By Michael Patrick, Ph.D A quick blink ago, as many as 250 thousand peaceful protestors jammed into the Washington, D.C. mall to voice doubts and displeasure about the integrity of the past elections. Too many depositions were ignored out of hand by the press or the courts without close examination. Voters’ personal experiences were immediately…

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